Car Batteries

Batteries are the biggest cause of breakdowns in the UK which is why we recommend that you get your vehicles battery checked at least once a year.

Signs that you should look out for are:

  • The engine takes longer to turn over than usual
  • Your headlights, hazards and indicators seem dimmer
  • The engine will not turn over at all and makes a clicking noise
  • The battery warning light on your dashboard is illuminated

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Free Battery Checks

Marlow Tyres and Autocare offer free battery checks which takes approximately 5 minutes and you will be given a printout to explain your batteries health.

If you do need a replacement, we sell batteries for all makes and models of cars and vans from Economy batteries with a two year guarantee up to Bosch and Yuasa premium batteries which are guaranteed for life!

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Why Choose Marlow Tyres?

We are an independent local business which means that we don’t have big brand advertising budgets - we need to rely on word of mouth and positive local reviews.  We also know our customers and we know cars!! Many of our customers have been coming to us for years and years.

Along with parent company Maidenhead Tyres and Autocare, we are one of the biggest tyre stockists in the local area but have built up such good partnerships with our suppliers over the years that if, on the off chance we do not have your tyre in stock, we can usually acquire within hours for you.

What Our Clients Say

At Marlow Tyres and Autocare, our focus has always been to provide the highest level of service to our customers. All our fitters and mechanics have extensive experience and are supported by the best suppliers in the industry.

Honesty and Expertise Since 1965

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